Conditions Of Acceptance Of Pets For Boarding.

Please take note of our conditions of acceptance for pet boarding at Briar Dene Kennels. These conditions are there to protect both you and your pets.

All animals must be vaccinated within the preceding 12 months and certificates produced on arrival at kennels.All dog's placed for boarding, must have been vaccinated against canine cough, at least 10 days prior to arrival at the kennels. Please bring vaccination card with you.
Animals not collected within 10 days of the booking date will be rehomed or disposed of at our discretion unless we have been contacted by the owners within this period and the account paid in full. Any expenses will be added to the owners account.
Any discounts are given at our discretion and are subject to satisfactory payment of accounts. Discounts will be withdrawn on late payment or dishonoured cheques.
Where requested on-going medical treatment will be continued providing drugs etc. are supplied by the pet owners. No charge will be made for this service, and no responsibility will be accepted for the success or failure of the said treatment or the success or failure of the administration of said treatment.
Insurance cover is provided while animals are boarded with us, to a maximum of £300. A charge of £1.00 per week per pet to be met by the owners. In the event of a dispute between the insurance company and a claimant, we reserve the right to recover any veterinary fees from the relevant owner, and will not be responsible for said fees or any other cost or expenses. Any costs incurred by ourselves delivering animals for veterinary treatment will be charged to the relevant owner. All claims in writing within 48 hours of departure and final paid invoices submitted within 7 days of completion of treatment. Pre-boarding medical conditions not covered.
Payment by cash or cheque. Please note customer's paying by cheque, will be required to pay for their pets boarding in full, upon arrival at the kennels.We regret we cannot take credit or debit cards.
Deposits required for certain periods and are none refundable.
No responsibility can be accepted for clients own toys blankets boxes leads etc.